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Window insect screens

The window screens are made of fiberglass with Teflon cover and put in an aluminum frame they leads to long-lasting and good-looking results.

Static insect screenПротивонасекомни мрежи

  • When opening of the screen is not necessary;

  • Could be put on and off depending on the season;

Window screens that can be opened – on hinges

  • When opening of the screen is necessary

  • Mass used

  • Locking mechanism /e.g. magnets/

Screens of the type “Door” with pre-stressed hinges

  • Especially designed for balcony doors

  • They are fitted to the window through hinges with pre-stressed springs which automatically close the door Locking mechanism (e.g. magnets)

  • This type of the screens do not break and can be used for long time

  • The frames are aluminum and are colored in White, Brown or Golden Oak but could be painted in different colors also (RAL catalog)

  • A horizontal separator guarantees the stability of the door

Противонасекомни мрежиRoller insect screens of the type “Window”

  • Optimal insulation;

  • Easy and practical for use because of its folding function;

  • They can be installed over any type of windows and can be installed together with external roller blinders;

Roller insect screens of the type “Door”

  • They are good choice for doors which need to be opened sideways;

  • Can be used for sliding windows;

  • Easy to hold, open and close;

Bi-folding window insect screens

  • Maximum clear opening when folded;

  • luxurious and modern type among standard window insect screens;


Sliding screens

Usually they are part of the sliding system but an individual installation on a later stage is also possible.
They are good for one or two wings balcony doors and can cover only one or both of the wings.