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When furnishing our home or office everyone is trying to create interesting and practical designs. This is the reason why our company offers internal roller blinds with rich assortment, great range of colors and pattern, easy to install and providing sun protection.

  • Aluminum venetian blinds
    The lamellas are wide between 16 mm and 25 mm. Above 70 different colors as 100% color roller blinds can be produced.  The materials used are manufactured by the Dutch company „HUNTER DOUGLAS“.
  • Vertical blinds
    Vanes width is between 89 mm and 127 mm. For our most demanding customers there is KINGS COLLECTION of English fabrics which are the most quality product on the global market.
  • Roll up blinds
  • Bi-fold blinds
  • Roman blinds
  • Austrian curtain
  • Japanese wall

The materials and fabrics we are using are of the highest quality. We use German, Dutch, Italian, English and Turkish materials.