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Solidity and functionality are the main qualities of the garage doors and security shutters offered by our company. They are used for protection of garages, stores, bars. Their reliable locking mechanisms guarantee safety and comfort.

Roller shutter garage doors

  • Deliver good protection of the areas;
  • Reliable – they are made of an aluminum lamella 77x19 mm with polyurethane filling; 
  • Quality motor-driven mechanism that could be operated by button, electrical switch or remote control 
  • Possibility for UPS devices to be installed for greater protection in emergency situations;
  • 10 years warranty of the material; 
  • Basic colors – Brown, White, Grey, Golden Oak, Walnut and Mahogany. Different colors then these can be ordered from RAL catalog.

Sectional garage doors

  • Maximum isolation
  • Noiseless functioning of the doors 
  • Keeps the garage warm and dry
  • Mass applicable in different fields 
  • Can be opened vertically and horizontally  
  • The width of the clear opening gives you possibility to go in and out of the garage easily

Garage doors of the type “flying wing”

  • Light and easy to use;
  • Anodized;
  • Basic color – ivory;
  • the sizes could vary;
  • balanced by spring, locked with secret locker, remote controlling (optional);

Security roller shutters

They are used for protection of stores, offices and homes from burglary. The supporting elements and the decorative box are filled with anodized steel and can be painted in various colors from RAL catalog. The operation of the roller shutters could be manually (up to 10 m2) by pre-stressed springs or automatically by motor with remote control device.  


  • Massive metal security roller shitters – 7 mm thick lamellas made of anodized tin with antistatic cover which provide the highest level of protection;
  • Retractable security doors – braid with thickness 8 мм;
  • “Perforated” security roller shutters – lamellas with fine perforation – a great protection while the visibility of the object is kept;
  • Tube metal security roller shutter – a roller shutter made of tubes with  checkered plates -  a great protection while the visibility of the object is kept.