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Double glazing

One of the main things that affect the heat and noise insulation of the PVC and Aluminum windows is their double glazing. The glassing is about 70-80% of the window. Double glazing is double or triple glass window panes separated by pure air.

The standard double glazing consists of two white float glass 4 mm thick and 20 or 24 mm wide.  You will experience higher comfort and energy reduction when using low e-glass (k-glass) where the glass window panes are separated by argon. You will receive increased sun-protection and different look of your windows when using STOPSOL or stained glass. You will have better noise insulation when one of glass is thicker.
We offer 34 mm triple glazing for 70 mm profile. The triple glazing has better heat and noise insulation.

“Four seasons” double glazing is the ideal decision for windows of any building and is completely compatible with all window types: PVC, Aluminum, Wooden and Mixed.


Spring – during this time of the year “Four seasons” double glazing delivers better comfort – its heat insulation provides a perfect temperature regardless of the weather changes
Summer“Four seasons” double glazing reflects the sunshine two times better than the regular double glazing so no additional sun protection is needed. It provides perfect temperature and reduces the air-conditioning cost.
Autumn – thanks to its unique characteristics, “Four seasons” double glazing reduce significantly the effect of the lower temperature and therefore leads to reduction of the heating costs.
Winter“Four seasons” double glazing gives three time higher heat insulation compared to the regular double glazing so the heat-losses and the cold zone near the windows are reduced which reflect to decreased energy usage.

Our company keeps all window types in stock.